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Timelinr is the most fun you’ve ever had planning.

Create high-level roadmaps in seconds, that ensure your stakeholders, team, and clients know what the hell is going on.


We Read Your Mind…

You’ve likely got a few questions. We just so happen to have a few answers.

Become a Planning

Plan on a timeline. See everything. Using timelines to plan your tasks and resources ensures you always have a high level view of who’s working on what, and where everything is. Boom.

These Are The Boards You’re Looking For.

We know you love kanban boards for your planning. If you use timelines do you have to give up the habit? Nope! We married sprint planning tools with roadmap planning tools to give you the best of both worlds.

SimulCollab – It’s Magic

Making a change to a board card, or timeline bar? Now your whole team sees it in real time. We’re not going to say any more because you have to see it to believe it. Just know that we’re the best in the industry for real time collaboration on project planning.

Ditch Paper Lists

Everything you need to manage your project all in the cloud, means no more messy / missing papers. The trees won’t miss ya.

Collaborate Faster

No more wondering if your change is going to be missed. Our SimultaneousCollab™ Keeps your whole team on the same page in real time.

Ready to Use Templates

(Coming soon) Not sure how to begin, or even how to use Timelinr for your workflow? Start with a template and get inspired!


Dive into our minds and get a glimpse at our thought process about everything from project and product management, to business tips, and the occasional humor piece.

The Best of the Best Use Timelinr.

A lot of really famous people love Timelinr. Hear their thoughts:

When we started building the Death Star for the 2nd time, I knew that we couldn’t take as long as we did the first time. I called a meeting with Admiral Piett and told him to look for solutions to our boring ineffective project roadmapping / management tool we’d used when building the first Death Star. He suggested we stick with what we were using since everyone was comfortable with it. So I death choked him for his insolence, did my own research, and found Timelinr. We implemented it and saw an increase in collaboration efficiency that could of convinced me that the creators of Timelinr infused it with The Force. We built the 2nd Death Star in half the time of the first and nearly half the cost.

Darth Vader

Founder & CEO, Death Star Inc.

When I was hired on at Sterling Cooper & Partners Don had a real organization problem and no one really knew what was going on.

One of my first tasks was helping to organize all the outstanding projects and get the stakeholders on the same page. This wasn’t easy. At first we had morning meetings and everyone took notes. But then we had to add more meetings to compare notes, and that was taking more time than just being disorganized was.

My friend over at McCann suggested I check out Timelinr. That was the turning point. Now we’re all on the same page and know exactly where everyone is on each of their tasks.

We got so successful from our new process that next month McCann is buying the entire company. Boom.

Peggy Olson

COO, Sterling Cooper & Partners

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