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NEW FEATURE: “Your Command Center is Ready Captain” (aka—Timelinr Releases the Hottest Dashboard in Project Management)

So I’m not sure why no one else in our space has a decent dashboard. Seems like a no brainer to me, but whatever.

We’ve been busy. To Dos are live. Boards are linked to Timelines in what was likely the greatest feature improvement of any product in 2017.

And now we’ve done it again.

Welcome to your dashboard. The sexiest feature update since we launched in the first place.

  • See your team’s open tasks vs closed in our first of many report graphs.
  • As team owner see quick info about your plan and team limits.
  • Catch an idea of recent activity across your team’s projects.
  • See recent Timelines.
  • See recent Boards.
  • And last but not least, always stay up to date on what’s new in Timelinr with our dashboard news station.

You’re welcome. Go gloat to your friends about how much fun you have planning projects.

Laugh at their misfortune having to use whatever dusty tool their company’s been using for years.

Ridicule them for not having the guts to join the future.

Wait till you see what’s next.

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