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Where's Your Permission Slip?

Keeping things simple is our main goal for the product.

When it came to team permissions, I didn’t want us to get bogged down by overly complicated architecture around access etc.

After a couple bumps up front, here’s how it works today and going forward.

Control everything obviously. Main control differences over admins is that an owner can not be deleted from the team as well as them having access to billing and affiliate pages in settings. 

Have access to all projects and control over all team members including other admins, but can’t delete an owner or see billing details.

Team Members
Are able to see only the project they’re added to. They can only see other team members that are part of their teams their added too. They can not add anyone new to the system, can’t set permissions, and most certainly can’t see billing.

Only has permission to view a project. But in this view unlike in the public link share view for a timeline, a guest can see comments. They just can’t add any comments.


Have fun in there. Add your whole team, cause ya know, you want to.


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