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NEW FEATURE: Link your entire board to a timeline in one go.

Today’s announcement is really exciting, and we know a lot of you have been waiting for this.

The power of, if not one of the main reasons to use Timelinr, is being able to link cards on your kanban boards (micro planning view) to any timeline or multiple timelines in the system. If you didn’t know you could do this, see:

On a granular, per task level we knew you’d need to do this and built it early on.

But what about at a higher less detailed level? What if you have a marketing board, and a marketing timeline and just want everything on the board to alway show up on the timeline?

What if you have a master timeline, and want to see all your other boards rolled up into one?

Now you can do that easily, by choosing any board, and in the three dot menu next to the board name, you can now select to link an entire board to any or multiple timelines.

To make your flow even more friendly, you can also create a new timeline to match your board, or link to an existing timeline from the board creation modal.

You’re welcome.

That got you excited? Get ready to see more updates materialize in the coming weeks and months.

Sign up or Log in today and try it for yourself!

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