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NEW FEATURE: Move Kanban Board Cards and Timeline Bars (beam data between the parallel universes of your projects)

We know you all have a lot going on. You’re like a demigod juggling multiple worlds and keeping them all from self destructing. It’s hard work.

Sometimes you need to move stuff around. One card in a board might need to be duplicated and moved elsewhere, or just thrown on a stand alone backlog board.

You’ll know why you need to move something when you do, and we won’t judge.

Now you can move cards and bars between projects (timelines and boards) as needed.

To move, open a card or bar so the sidebar detail shows, and then using the three dot menu in the sidebar, select “Move”.

From there you can choose a project to move to, and which board column to move to if it’s a card.

Enjoy! More to come soon.

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