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NEW FEATURE: Link Cards/Boards to Timelines!

This post is really late. We launched this months ago but I never wrote about it. I will do better.

This is actually the most important feature update we’ve ever launched. The key to the Timelinr Methodology actually working is that you need to be able to push tasks from your Kanban board (micro view) over to your Timelines (macro view).

Now it’s easy to do this in Timelinr.

  1. Select a card and open the detail sidebar.
  2. Add a start and end date range for the task.
  3. Click on the small ‘linking’ icon in the top right of the sidebar.
  4. Choose one or more timelines to push the card to.
  5. That’s it!

When you go to a timeline you’ve pushed to, you’ll see a new bar at the bottom with a linking icon at the front of the bar name.

Anything you edit when you update that bar will also reflect back in the original board.

Some use cases are:

  1. Many times you want to just see a few of your tasks reflected on a timeline, typically when they’re longer term goals. This lets you push those items to a timeline while keeping smaller shorter term items in the preferred micro view (kanban).
  2. You have cases where you want to see each teams tasks on a separate timeline for their use, but also have a master timeline that has all the teams cards visible.

    This is easy to do in Timelinr. When pushing the card to timelines, just select the team timeline and the master timeline from the list. :boom:

We’re cranking away on even more features to keep you happy. Mostly because that’s what makes us happy.

Talk soon…

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