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NEW FEATURE: Filter All The Things (+ more)

What good is seeing all the things your team is working on, if you can’t narrow it down and show each team member’s tasks?

Yea—No good at all.

As per usual, we’ve been hard at work making Timelinr better than any app you’ve ever used.

Just choose any Board or Timeline and you can now select which team member(s) tasks you want highlighted.

This is great for getting a quick glance at what’s on the plate, and managing task distribution etc. Because we don’t hide the other tasks and just dim them, you get a good feel for the relational nature of assignments as well.

Give it a try. Filter all the things!

Separately we have a few updates that don’t get their own blog post.

You asked us to remove Intercom (the little chat window) from the public share view for timelines. Well we did it.

We’ve also sped up the system and improved the code around dragging and dropping.

We’ve fixed a few minor bugs around deleting linked projects.

And if you missed our last blog post we also added duplications so you can duplicate bars and cards without starting from scratch.

There’s more to come Timelinr fam! Thanks for supporting us.

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