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Timelinr Light Theme

NEW FEATURE: Let there be LIGHT! (themes that is)

On the first day of creation, God put light and dark themes in the backlog. By day four they went live to prod. We took considerably longer than that to add a light theme to Timelinr, but we trust you’ll love it just as much as our standard dark theme. Just click on your profile […]

NEW FEATURE: Link your entire board to a timeline in one go.

Today’s announcement is really exciting, and we know a lot of you have been waiting for this. The power of, if not one of the main reasons to use Timelinr, is being able to link cards on your kanban boards (micro planning view) to any timeline or multiple timelines in the system. If you didn’t […]

NEW FEATURE: Seek (Search) And You Will Find

If you’re using Timelinr, you’ve no doubt been wondering, “How do I search for a Board or Timeline, Card or Bar in Timelinr?” Honestly until today there hasn’t been a way. File this update under necessary features for a roadmapping / project management tool. We’ve got you covered. To get started just click on the […]

NEW FEATURE: Link Cards/Boards to Timelines!

This post is really late. We launched this months ago but I never wrote about it. I will do better. This is actually the most important feature update we’ve ever launched. The key to the Timelinr Methodology actually working is that you need to be able to push tasks from your Kanban board (micro view) […]

Designer School Series: How to Handle Feedback

First a disclaimer. The idea for this series came from @workbyben on Twitter. It’s a fantastic list as you’ll see if you stick with us, so be sure to follow, subscribe, turn on notifications, and all that jazz. Now that credit’s been given where due, on to the topic at hand. How to Handle Feedback? […]

Macro vs Micro? — Why Agile and Waterfall are both wrong.

I’ve been managing development and creative teams for over 15 years. I’ve come to realize everyone’s doing it wrong. The current state of affairs makes it very easy to fall down the slippery slope of micro-management and over-management. Let’s take a closer look. Origins — Waterfall Circa 1910. Dude named Henry Gantt creates a chart defining projects […]

NEW FEATURE: Filter All The Things (+ more)

What good is seeing all the things your team is working on, if you can’t narrow it down and show each team member’s tasks? Yea—No good at all. As per usual, we’ve been hard at work making Timelinr better than any app you’ve ever used. Just choose any Board or Timeline and you can now […]

Forget Your Passions

“Do what you love” they say. The truth is, that’s not the best guide for success. Especially early in your career, your passions usually make for a bad day job or business. I’ve met countless people that have ruined their hobbies by making it their livelihood. And then there’s the issue of which passion do […]

Where’s Your Permission Slip?

Keeping things simple is our main goal for the product. When it came to team permissions, I didn’t want us to get bogged down by overly complicated architecture around access etc. After a couple bumps up front, here’s how it works today and going forward. Owners Control everything obviously. Main control differences over admins is […]

Oh Look, It’s Todos

Now you can break down a larger task defined by a card or bar into smaller tasks. Todos let you define the individual tasks that make up a project when the individual tasks are too small to be defined more concretely as having their own card or bar. Sure that’s cool, but it’s been done […]